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Liability insurance is a must for organizations and professionals that provide business services. Get an online quote NOW. Simple. Fast. Affordable.

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Some of the Business Services Professions We Insure

Event Planners

Building Cleaning and Maintenance

Employment Services

Bookkeeping Services

Call Centers

Graphic Designers

Telephone Services

IT & Technical Services

And Many More

Coverage Highlights:

With low premiums that can be paid monthly or annually, NOW Insurance is sure to provide the flexibility you need to carry insurance without breaking the bank. Plus, we can bundle all the insurances you need for one low price.

Our team of experts will work directly with you to create a customized plan specifically designed to give you the coverage you need based on your in-depth knowledge of the potential challenges facing those in your line of work.

Professional and General Liability Insurance

$0 deductible
Up to $1million per claim
Aggregate limit up to $3million
Worldwide coverage
Incident trigger

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What Coverage is Recommended for Business Services Organizations & Professionals?

NOW Insurance works with experienced specialists who have a deep understanding of the business insurance services requirements. As a result, we are able to create customized commercial insurance packages that will meet your needs and mitigate risk.

Professional Liability

You never know when an unhappy client, patient or organization might file a lawsuit claiming you have been negligent while performing your professional services. Also known as Errors and Omissions Insurance or MedMal, even an innocent error on your part could lead a client or patient to file a lawsuit against you for negligence. This policy can help you and your company pay for legal judgment, settlements, and defense costs. If your business provides a professional service, regularly gives advice to clients or is requested by a client to have insurance, you should consider Professional Liability Insurance coverage.

General Liability

Sometimes called Commercial Liability Insurance or Business Insurance, General Liability Insurance provides coverage for your business against claims for personal injury, property damage or bodily injury. If someone is injured in your business premises, or you are responsible for damage to property, General Liability Insurance can cover associated costs, medical costs, and defense costs.

Cyber Liability

Cyber Liability Insurance protects you and your company should your digital security be compromised and sensitive customer information exposed. Such information may include Social Security numbers, credit card numbers, account numbers, driver’s license numbers, and health records depending on your industry and the data you store. A Cyber Liability policy most often covers damages and fees such as those incurred when notifying customers of the breach, restoring the identities of affected customers, recovering compromised data, and repairing damaged systems.


Why Having Insurance is So Important for Companies that Service Businesses

Proper insurance coverage for business services financially protects you and your business from any lawsuit that could be filed against you for a variety of perceived damages. For example, one of your clients could claim that an error in your work cost them financial hardship and you might be held responsible. In some cases, the dollar amounts can be steep and may seriously affect the financial health of the business if there is not an insurance policy in place to help cover the costs. In addition to paying claims on your behalf, some commercial insurance policies will also help you secure legal representation if needed and conduct a secondary investigation of the claim to determine its validity.

Flexible Payment Plans

Traditionally, purchasing insurance has been expensive and could place a financial strain on those who had to pay for it. At NOW Insurance, we have created insurance that is comprehensive at a very affordable price.


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